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Hollow board take PP or PE as major’s raw material, and is a kind formed board by extruded , so with much excellent property tthat paper board, wood board and aluminium board can not compare with, at many fields, can be as a replacement of these 3 kindd products

Hollow board feature:

1、 good mechanic property
the special structure from plastic hollow board, can make it with good mechanic property, .like as, with good reflexibility, anti-shock, high anti-pressure strength, higher hardness, good bent feature and can be shock buffer
2、 light weight and material reduction
Plastic hollow board is with good property, under same effect, it can make plastic hollow board at material consumption reduction, cost lower and weight light
3、heat perservation and sound proof
Due to the hollow board’s hollow structure, which make it’s heat transfer and sound transfer effect abviously lower solid board, reach to good heat perservation and soundproof effect
4、anti-static, electricity conduction and fire resistant
Adopt changed property, mixed, surface spread,, etc, which can make plastic hollow board with the property of anti-static electricity,,electricity conduction and fire resistant
5、stable chemical property
Plastic hollow board can be water proof, damp proof, anti-erosion, compared with board free of fumigation, with abvious advantage
6、smoothy surface, good looking apperance and complete color variety
Due to plastic hollow board special forming manufacturing process, and by adjusting color-master’s materail, can reach to random color, and the surface is smoothy, printing is easy
7、good enviroment-protection effect
Plastic hollow board is with the feature , like as non-toxic, free of polution, easy to handle, so can’t cause enviroment polution, also can be re-used or being done to other plastic finished product
Applied fields
Electricity, automobile, machine,cargo transportation, advertisement, food, medicine industry

items thickness mm index
Top grade First grade, qualified grade
longitudinal horizontal longitudinal horizontal
Breaking force(N) 2.0~2.7 ≥180 ≥130 ≥120 ≥70
2.8~3.7 ≥230 ≥175 ≥170 ≥110
3.8~5.4 ≥270 ≥210 ≥210 ≥140
5.5~6.0 ≥350 ≥260 ≥255 ≥170
Breaking extension ratio% 2.0~3.7 ≥170 ≥60 ≥130 ≥35
3.8~6.0 ≥220 ≥70 ≥120 ≥45

items thickness mm index
Top grade First grade, qualitied grade
tear force N 2.0~3.7 ≥60 ≥45
3.8~6.0 ≥65 ≥50
Plane compressed force N 2.0~2.7 ≥1300 ≥1000
2.8~3.7 ≥1100 ≥900
3.8~5.4 ≥1000 ≥800
5.5~6.0 ≥900 ≥700
Vertical compression force N 2.0~2.7 ≥65 ≥45
2.8~3.7 ≥180 ≥120
3.8~5.4 ≥240 ≥180
5.5~6.0 ≥350 ≥240